The press has been closely following this film since its development.

Here you can find some of the media outlets that have highlighted I’M CRIS FROM TIERRA BOMBA.

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Radio interview on Súper Cinexin Vilassar Radio about NFTs (non-fungible tokens), “I’m Cris from Tierra Bomba” and the role of women in cinema. Interview between the journalist and actress Azahara Moyano and film director Josephine LF. Listen to the interview by clicking below (Spanish):
Barcelona, España
Cristian embodies a person with inner conflicts and problems to solve. He, like Lilia (the character from «Home – the country of illusion»), reflects the cinematographic point of view of Josephine LF, which is nourished by her “life experience in transit”.
Bogotá, Colombia
From thinking about changing the world to doing it, although sometimes there is a long way, it can only be one step!
Cartagena, Colombia
Cristian’s life story will inspire many people who are still hesitant to fulfilling their dream.
Bogotá, Colombia


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