Violence based on prejudice against LGBTIQ+ people, but also against any human being considered “outside the norm”, is a form of gender-based violence driven by the desire to punish those seen as defying patriarchal social norms of gender and sexuality – and it’s time for this to end.

¡WE WANT YOU TO BE FREE TO BE AND BE ABLE TO EXPRESS WHO YOU REALLY ARE – without fear and without feeling discriminated against!

That is why we have prepared the following impact campaign:

1111 NFTs for Change

25% MINTED – Alternative impact film tour + workshops

The film I’M CRIS FROM TIERRA BOMBA will be released in commercial movie theaters in Colombia on May 25, 2023. But there are many communities that need to see themselves reflected on screen and do not have access to these theaters. For this reason, after the premiere, the film will go on an alternative tour through various towns identified by our allies at Canal Cultura. We will rent screens, pay for logistics, travel, organize the screenings and have talks and workshops around diversity. NFT holders will enable this tour to take place. Plus, NFT holders will get exclusive access to behind the scenes token-gated videos of this tour.

50% MINTED – Metaverse event and premiere

We’re not only taking a film to places where there are no theaters. We want to bring the film to you, wherever you are in the world. To recognize the community that has supported this project, to cheer for a free cinema without censors and to celebrate a diverse and equitable world, we will throw a big party in the metaverse. The WORLD premiere of the film will be taking place in a virtual theater, together with people from all over the planet who support our cause and who have an NFT of I’M CRIS FROM TIERRA BOMBA in their virtual wallet.

We will not only screen the film, but also allow you to party along live to the soundtrack of the film with the musicians that took part in it.

This is a two-day event with the film premiere, music and educational panels. As NFT holder, you will have a say in what else we should do during our big metaverse diversity party.

75% MINTED – Governance and another impact tour

We want you as NFT holder to decide with us where else to take this film. We want you to build the next impact route with us! What should the next impact route look like?

100% SOLD OUT – Treasury, governance, micro-distribution

As NFT holder, you will be able to decide (governance rights – proposing & voting) how we can help other film projects have a similar impact using film & tech for good. You will also have the right to become a micro-distributor of I’M CRIS FROM TIERRA BOMBA for metaverse events or theatrical releases (the latter all territories excluding Colombia).


To be able to achieve our goals, the team behing I’M CRIS FROM TIERRA BOMBA has partnered with the following organizations: